Monday, June 23, 2008

When Oxidants Can Increase Risk of Death

1. When Antioxidants Can Increase Risk of DeathThe truth about these nutrients - their benefits and risks

Antioxidants have long been considered good news, helping to reduce the 'oxidative' damage caused by everyday living that ages and eventually kills us. We are encouraged to eat foods (especially our 'five a day') that provide rich sources of antioxidant nutrients, and a massive market for antioxidant supplements has sprung up with literally thousands of studies to affirm their benefits.

But in the last few years, a number of big trials have apparently shown that taking extra antioxidants in the form of supplements doesn't work. They have reported that antioxidants, far from staving off the big killers such as cancer and heart disease, can actually make them worse. A recent review of a number of studies gave rise to media headlines such as "Antioxidants can kill".

So what is going on?
After numerous studies that showed extra antioxidants reduced risk of disease, some more recent research started to look at their effect on two particular 'at-risk' groups - people who smoked and those with cardiovascular disease.

Several of these trials showed that the risk of cancer in smokers increased slightly when they were given beta-carotene. Other studies suggested a small increased risk of heart attack in heart patients who were on medications such as statins and taking vitamin E.
What's interesting to note, however, is that far from putting the nail in the coffin of antioxidants, these studies give us an interesting insight into how these nutrients work - and why people who smoke or take statins are at risk, unless they adapt (rather than stop) their supplement intake.
For example, the recent Cochrane Review by Bjelakovic et al actually found that people who took BOTH multivitamin AND antioxidant supplements showed no increased risk, and in some cases, a significant decrease in risk. Now why should that be, and what does it tell us about the way antioxidants work?

I believe it points to a simple explanation as to why high-dose vitamin E increases cardiovascular risk, why beta-carotene increases smokers' risk, and why multivitamins eradicate this risk.
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