Saturday, August 23, 2008

Could you be as sane (or crazy!) as what you eat?

Could you be as sane (or crazy!) as what you eat? This new (and fiercely controversial) arm of psychiatry contends that even the ultimate mind bending horror of schizophrenia is nothing more than a problem of vitamins and minerals. Our Cosmo investigator takes a searching, objective look.

Joanie, a 28-year-old legal secretary, began to have temper tantrums directed at Tom, the man she'd been living amiably with for three years. During these outbursts, Joanne became physically violent, something she had never done before, once even chasing Tom out of their apartment with a butcher knife. These fits of rage would depart as inexplicably as they arrived, leaving Joanie distraught and sobbing. Shaken, particularly by the knife episode, she began seeing a psychiatrist. For several months, the analyst had Joanie explore her emotions about Tom, her parents, her job, her goals and expectations, but the puzzling rages continued. Joanie quit the psychiatrist and went instead to a clinic specializing in orthomolecular psychiatry, a new branch of medicine that treats mental disorders mainly through nutrition. In less than two weeks Joanie's devastating tantrums vanished and have not reoccurred. Continue Reading >>

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