Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Host a Junk Food, Candy Free Party for Kids

(NaturalNews) Many party hosts feel they are giving kids the ultimate treat by spreading a table laden with every imaginable kind of junk food. A typical party table is graced with a white flour, frosted cake in the center decorated with a sugary, colorant laden picture of Superman or Barbie. There is likely to be an array of cupcakes made with the same awful ingredients, bowls of various types of colored candies, potato crisps, lollipops, ice cream and so on. Surprised parents and friends then wonder why, after gorging on this rubbish for a couple of hours, the party disintegrates into a frightening display of kids who are fighting, screaming and hyperactive. To avoid this scenario, try healthy snacks next time around. Read more...

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