Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are RDA Nutrient Levels Safe?

RDAs or Recommended Dietary Allowances of vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and minerals, are being promoted by health authorities as the level of consumption at which we may feel comfortable about having "taken care of our needs" - but is that really the truth?

Developed during the wartime 40s, the purpose was to identify a diet that would allow US soldiers to fight as well as those staying home to survive without getting sick from malnourishment. After the war, dietary allowances became a part of standard health practice in many western countries. Note that there was no intention to assure optimum health, merely the absence of those deficiency diseases that had been identified at the time. Although refinements have taken place over the years, the basic philosophy of RDAs has remained the one implicit in the original purpose. Continue Reading >>

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