Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mad cow disease detected in U.S. dairy cow; South Korea halts all US beef sales

By Mike Adams

It's baaack! Mad cow disease, our favorite prion from planet Bovinopolis, has once again reared its ugly folded protein head in a California dairy cow. It was detected there just a few days ago, but have no fear, courageous American beef eaters: U.S. "authorities" have declared it to be a "random mutation," meaning that mad cow disease prions spontaneously appeared without cause in that cow, and it most certainly absolutely assuredly and definitely was not due to anything in the cow feed, they say.

That's a relief, eh? Because if we can explain mad cow disease by simply invoking MAGIC (spontaneous generation, etc.), then who needs to look further into what these dairy cows are being fed?

It used to be that cows in the USA were fed the ground up parts of other cows, including spinal cord and brain material. Yummm... kinda makes your burger just a bit more juicy, doesn't it? But that practice was stopped -- at least they SAY it was stopped -- after the last mad cow scare in 2006. But who knows whether or not the occasional cow head gets tossed into the feed grinder, eh? Read more…

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