Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cayenne Pepper and a Vegetarian Recipe Bring Heart Health

by: Kim Evans Cayenne pepper's been called a cure-all herb, and while it may not cure all, cayenne pepper works miracles on at least one organ in the body: the heart. Cayenne pepper has been known to stop a heart attack instantly, and if you have heart problems you might be better off taking cayenne daily instead of drugs. Cayenne is chock full of potassium, which is a key nutrient for the heart. Cayenne feeds the heart its desired nutrition and has a profoundly stimulating effect on the blood. It's known to thin blood clots, improve circulation, and even reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Cultures that use cayenne pepper regularly typically have greatly reduced heart attack levels, and would have even further reduced levels if they also followed a vegetarian diet. The ultimate recipe for regaining heart health is: 1) A clean colon which is achieved through repeated colonics or enemas 2) Ample probiotics to replace the healthy bacteria in your gut 3) An eighth teaspoon of cayenne pepper daily, which can be added to your foods 4) And a vegetarian, largely vegan diet that avoids processed foods After a few months of following these protocols, check in with your doctor to monitor your improvement; you both might be very surprised. Read more... 

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