Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Successful Biological Treatment of Vascular Diseases

Arteriosclerosis - in particular cardiovascular – is one the most frequently suffered diseases. These are considered «diseases of civilization» which means they are caused by our lifestyle.
Thus, prophylaxis is indicated – a diet according to the recommendations given in Thomas Rau’s (MD) books, regular physical exercise, as well as a sufficient supply with antioxidants (vitamins, trace elements) and omega-3 fatty acids.

Usually, patients will not seek help before conditions such as «angina pectoris» appear. This also applies to a man aged 54 years, who – according to a cardiologist’s diagnosis – should have had to undergo invasive examination (coronary angiography etc.). However, the patient decided to allow himself a few months time for trying an alternative treatment and contacted us. Read more...

Cardiofy Heart Care Supplement

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