Monday, February 28, 2011

Compromises are the seeds of addiction

Emily Boller

One doesn’t just wake up one day suddenly caught in the entanglement of an unhealthy addiction. Unhealthy addictions are formed by repetitions of small, seemingly insignificant compromises of what we know to be good for us. The danger of little compromises is they easily turn into bigger ones.
Typically, rationalizations spark the fire of compromise:
“It’s late. I’m tired ~ just a piece of toast with almond butter before bed won’t hurt me.”
“It’s the Super Bowl. Everyone is eating. Even though I’m not hungry, I’ll snack just this one time with everyone else. I’m not addicted to salt anymore so I can start over tomorrow; no problem.”
“Woah, I made way too much smoothie, and I only like to drink them when fresh. Oh well, just this one time won’t hurt to drink all of it. I hate to waste anything.”
“I know that I should only eat when truly hungry, but those homemade cookies left on the countertop were calling my name. I couldn’t help myself.”

It takes commitment to intentional choices, a solid plan, to keep one off the radar screen of addiction. Read more...

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