Thursday, May 20, 2010

Processed meat raises risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer

I've been warning readers about sodium nitrite for seven years, and in that time, evidence has shown the chemical to cause:

• A 67% increase in pancreatic cancer (

• A 74% higher risk of leukemia (

• A 40% higher risk of diabetes (

The USDA actually tried to ban sodium nitrite from the food supply back in the 1970's, but it was overruled by the meat industry which knew that the chemical made meat look visually more appealing and therefore increased sales of processed meat products. Despite causing cancer, sodium nitrite has remained legal in the food supply to this day.

How many children are dying from processed meat?
Mainstream children eat a huge quantity of processed meat products, including hot dogs, sandwich meat, bacon, sausage and beef jerky. All those products are made with sodium nitrite. Read more...

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